What could be nicer than beautiful curly volumnious eyelashes? Luckily there are many nice little helpers giving us girls a tiny little princess-touch, we love so much!.

First of all, mascara:

The mascara is my faithful companion nearly every day. I’ve been already written about my personal favorites of the popular black brush and there has not been much change over the last time. Natural cosmetics all the way through the one or other luxurious special from time to time.

Secondly, false eyelashes:

False lashes are doubtless the most significant helpers to conjure up dreamful lashes. They are to buy in nearly every drug store, beauty shop or cosmetic corner in malls. The market is full with any number of companies offering false lashes and so the range of possible shapes and colors. And today I would like to introduce you to some of my personal favorites.

I love “Wimpernbänder” like we used to say in German. I don’t know whether strap-lashes is the right term for that. With strap-lashes I mean many many lashes already glued on a small ribbon or strape. You only must fix the strap with the lashes on your eyelid. When I would like to have a dramatically extraordinary lash look, I like to fall back on the huge lash assortment of “Feisty-Cat”. Those lashes are super beautiful , for example on some of them are added few glitter particles allowing your eyes to shine, others are pimped with feathers and if you would like to transform yourself into a unicorn you can use also rainbow lashes.  That’s awesome! 😀 Here are no limits to your imagination and love of experimentation.

For a softer, more natural but yet wonderful lash look I love to use  the strap-lashes by MAC. You know, the quality of MAC stands for itself but sad to say it also shrinks your wallet. So here my little hint: Try to handle your false lashes as carefully as possible, not strain them to much and you can use your lashes for three times at the minimum. For a careful use the right lash glue is very important. Just as many false lashes variations there are just as many  different lash glues are available on the cosmetic market. The difference in quality are very huge here.  Don’t forget we are using glue for the lashes which has a pretty close contact to your eye so the glue should as sensitive as possible. Over all the time where I has been working with false lashes the best of the best is DUO.

Very sensitive, reliable, easy to remove – it’s the non plus ultra for me. The glue is available in two variations. Black/water-soluble and clear-white/waterproof. No matter which of one of them: The glue is great! Only make sure that your skin is oil-free and the glue had been dried off a few seconds on the strape. Et voilà! That’s it, now you can put your lashes wherever you want! 🙂

*jingle – jingle, twinkle – twinkle*