If it is about sexy latex fashion or also thrilling sexy latex costumes, the question appears over and over again whether a made-to-measure piece is better or if a standard size is complete enough so that the skirt, the dress or the catsuit has a perfect fit.

I for my part own both and can say it’s in balance to each other, thus 50% in my wardrobe are a standard size and the other 50% are made-to-measure items. 

However, if you ask me what I would prefer, then I would answer you quite clearly, the made-to-measure item. BUT I have listed once some points which you should consider maybe before you decide to buy a made-to-measure latex costume.

The experience and quality of the latex designers

A garment on measure and then still from latex is a supreme discipline! Clothes from cotton and similar fabrics forgive small blends a little more and thus a deviationism of maybe 2mm does not affect so obviously. However, 2 mms of divergence can turn a chic latex dress very fast into  a totally cut. Latex lies so narrowly on the skin, it sits so exactly, thus every centimeter should sit where it belongs. Hence: A beautiful made-to-measure item stands and falls with the skills of the tailors.

In the midst of all many latex labels there are only a few can fulfill in my opinion the claims I put to a made-to-measure item. Not every designer has a sewing education and owns the necessary knowledge to make good individual patterns. Even so these labels offer made-to-measure item. 

My tip: Informs you before in detail about the designer and his label. How long this already exists what other customers say about the quality. Also here counts the rule: No Heavy-Rubber-Catsuit on measure to order from a designer which always makes only sweet cheeky latex clothes. Or do you purchase cherries in the cheese counter? 😀

Take properly measure

A good made-to-measure item can only succeed if you also take your measures properly. Every designer has here his own form, his own„ approach“, so the dimension sheets of the latex labels are seldom 100% identical. Don’t let yourself confused thereby.:-) 

If you take measure the tapeline should lie close tightly, however, also not too tightly, hold the dimension tape just straight and place it on the right body parts where you would like to take measure. Mostly there is for this also a sketch which helps you. Two by two is mostly the best method and do not cheat with the numbers! 😉 

Additional expenses

A made-to-measure item mostly costs a good surcharge. Not seldom from 100€ upward. Hence, you should consider whether the additional expense factor also calculates itself. For instance, I order almost only catsuits, leggin or pair of pants/jeans on measure. Because I am 1.78 m and to me with the standard dimensions the arms and legs are always too short. If I wear for it a well seated latex, where I can also put on a sexy pair of high heels without having pants at half-mast, I know that was worth to me the money. However, the standard size are complete enough for me with dresses and tops. I think everybody should look and consider consider on it’s own whether his body statue fits in the current mass and where there is divergence. Mostly it behaves not other as if you go shopping quite normally. A round booty stays a round booty, also when you wear latex:-) 

These are the points which I mostly have in the head when I go on my latex shopping tours and do not know whether I should buy the new beloved piece precisely on made-to-measure or not. Maybe I could answer some questions of you as well?!