It may sound a little unspectacular, and we all know heard the slogan often enough, but it is true: A beautiful face and a body height of at least 5’9’’ is good but not enough if you want to work successfully in the model industry. Certainly a wonderful look and great body proportions are the natural basic equipment a model should have. However, a model should be also photogenic. Photogenic. What is that all about? I would say it’s a phenomenon nobody can explain itself so properly. Either the camera loves you or not and if it does so then you are a happy bunny and have already quite many bonus points!:-)

And here a few more other tips which I would like to give all girls outdoors on their way, which are interested in modeling. Tips I could collect over many years for myself and maybe they’ll help you too

  • Professionalism

If I am on a photo shoot, I try to be present, concentrated, active and creative, but also having lot of fun and joy during work. 

  • Kindness

Kindness is as important as professionalism. Nobody likes to cooperate with a moody, irritated or iffy model. Have fun, laugh and leave the diva at home. 🙂 

  • Look good

Healthy and well-balanced food, fitness and a good body shape are the basis for every model. Beside all the work try to attempt as much sleep as possible. This is in my opinion essential to look freshly, vital and fit. Also a neat appearance is very important. Have a great and cultivated look fits fine to you as well as cultivated hair, skin and nails. 🙂 

  • Feel good

As a photo model you are be seen by incredibly many people and every singles have its own opinion about you and your work. To hear on criticism is important, however, does not let you by this bend. Do only the jobs are fine and comfortable with, those you can square with your conscience.

  • Positive mind and endurance

To work successfully in the model business, no matter in which niche, you need a long breath and a lot of endurance. As the saying goes: There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs. However, if you want something really bad, you can also accomplish it. Thus work with a good positive mind set and learn how to make tasty juice out of lemons as soon as practicable. 

  • Your own look

Have own look, your own style distinguishes, fits to you and you are happy with. Nobody would like to see a copy but rather an original. 

  • Know your advantages

Every person is nice. Everybody has advantages distinguish him or her. The secret is quite easy: learn to put your advantages in the foreground, point them out consciously, be proud of them, be proud of you and conceal your small flaws in a charming way. By the way, EVERYBODY and EVERYONE has little flaws . 🙂

  • Authentically and natural

Artificial, played or a too much from a self-confidential appearance is “strange” and also unpleasant. From the beginning realize: there is always somebody better than you are and always will be. Thus remain with all your success stay down to earth and do not take yourself too seriously. 

  • Yet, have the courage to be proud of yourself and on your success. The properly mix of naturalness, authenticity and self-confidence makes you the most likeable. 🙂
  • Theatrical talent

A model must be able to slip constantly in the most different roles and this in photo shoots as well as in a video productions. Then theatrical talent is asked and if you have it you have a great plus as a model. 

I hope I could inspire you here and there a little with these betray secrets of mine. Spontaneously I would say these are these points I could collect up during all my work for the Susan Wayland Club in the years.  I hope you’ll find them as useful as I do and I’m looking forward your feedback!