Since over 15 years I’m working as professional latex glamour model. With the impact of artistic, glamorous and teasing photography I love to show the beauty and extravagance of latex and inspire people all over the world.


Sways new Instagram Account

In September 2018 my former Instagram was taken down without any prior warning. About 8 weeks ago my 2nd account good deleted as well. Unfortunately both issues couldn’t be solved, so I was kind of ‘forced’ to start completely new from the scratch. If you run an own niche business you can imagine that this is not fun at all loosing something you put many energy, passion, time and heart blood in it and that over YEARS! Thanks to a handful of people supported me in that case. You rock guys, love you!

My new Instagram account is online since a few weeks. We will see how the journey will be – anyhow I don’t espect too much because too many people in the scene are getting shut down in the social network nowadays. On the other hand typical ‘random’ influencer are getting verified and going viral with posts you have no clue why at all. Anyhow here is the link to the Sways Instagram Version 2.0.

Fashion Calendar 2019

The annual Susan Wayland Calendar has finally arrived and looks wonderful! If you like to beautify your wall with an extravagant piece
my ‘Latex Fashion Calendar 2019’ might be a good choice. The calendar 2019 comes in size DIN A3, portrait format and it’s a collectors item with a limited amount of copies. 12 carefully selected exciting, sensual, kinky and artistic latex photographs will guide you through the entire year 2019.  💫

The brand new’ Susan Wayland Latex Fashion Calendar 2019′ is ONLY available in Susan Wayland Store and just waiting to be shipped to you!

Cover of Sinical Magazine

Exciting 💫 Gracing the magazine title of the new Sinical Magazine … beside three editorial series in wonderful Cathouse Clothing you can read some little secrets of my humble self in the new magazine as well. Sooo take a look, enjoy reading and don’t forget: those photos would never exist without a great photographer behind the camera  BIG THANKS to Markus of S&M Photography for catching me so nicely and for so much more 

M’era Luna product shooting

I had the honour to shoot a bunch of amazing articles for M’era Luna Festival in cooperation with MyFestivalShop. The shooting was focused on their pretty girl-shirts as well as some nice accessories like a great black handbag! If you like to take a look at all the merch articles from M’era Luna feel free to take a look here.

Latex editorial in Sinical Magazine

It’s always the icing on the cake when collaborations are featured in magazines. Markus and me aka S&M Photography are happy and proud one of our latest latex model and designer project is published as editorial in the latest issue of Sinical Magazine ✨ We worked together with talented model Tinchen Rocks and were dressed in fancy latex couture from Marquis Fashion 👌🏻  Beside all the pretty images you can also read a nice interview from the three of us and our collaboration. No matter if you are a lover of paper or e-zines you can get Sinical Magazine in both versions. So grab yourself a mug of something hot and tasty and enjoy reading. You can get the new issue of Sinical Magazine here 👉🏻 💋



Susan Wayland Calendar 2018

If you like to pimp your wall with an extravagant piece my ‘Latex Fashion Calendar 2018’ might be a good item for it 🙃  The pretty piece comes in size DIN A3, portrait format with 12 amazing sexy, sensual, kinky and artistic latex photographs. A collectors item limited to only 300 copies. The calendar is ONLY available in Susan Wayland Store. So if you like to give yourself a little treat don’t hesitate too long when the copies are gone they are gone. Shipping is worldwide and you can add a personal free signature/autograph as well. 💋  I guess 2018 gonna be pretty vivid, shiny and sexy 😉




For any previous magazine covers, features, attending events and personal notes please take a look into my bio or on Patreon THX!

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