Since over 15 years I’m working as professional latex glamour model. With the impact of artistic, glamorous and teasing photography I love to show the beauty and extravagance of latex and inspire people all over the world.


I’m on Patreon!

I joined the amazing creator network Patreon!  It’s an amazing opportunity to get closer in touch with all of you!

Now you have the chance to be my creative director and plan personal photoshoots with YOUR ideas, with outfits YOU choose, I can give you a closer exclusive look into my work, my photoshoots, my daily life and I’m able to send you unique nowhere else available prints, personal gifts and many more! Isn’t this just crazy?!

And if YOU love my work you can support my art starting at just $1 per month. 

I’m so excited about this and hope you are as well!

Please feel free to tell your friends, thanks for all your loyalitly and support and have fun checking out my brand new Patreon page

Party like a Rockstar: M’era Luna 2017

Last years M’era Luna was amazing and I’m super happy to be a part of this fantastic event again.

I’m looking totally forward to party with you like a rockstar on 12th and 13th August 2017 in Hildesheim/Germany.

To get you in the perfect festival mood you can check the M’era Luna website for all further information and/or get yourself the official fancy M’era Luna shirt!





Cover of Dark Spy

I’m super happy to grace the cover of Dark Spy magazine for the third time. The publications includes a multiple sheet interview with lots of wonderful photos and information about my work. Plus a great A3 centerfold of the image title wearing a fabulous latex dress from Pandora Deluxe. A big thanks to S&M Photography for all the wonderful pictures of mine.





Latex Guide by Susan Wayland

latexguideSince the first time I came across latex clothings I loved the feeling, the look and the ensuring magic that comes with it. And while talking about my career I often get asked the same questions:

How do you put on these tight outfits?
How does it feel, is it comfortable?
This must require a lot of care?!
And of course: I always wanted to try it, where can I get such an extraordinary dress for myself?

In my new E-Paper I share a few of my gained experiences in proper handling of latex fabrics with you and of course: inspire your fantasies and imagination with pictures and my way of looking at the material latex.

And best of all, you can get my new E-Paper for free, just by subscribing for my Newsletter on Susan Wayland Club … So what are you waiting for?!

Latex Couture Calendar 2017

latexcouturecalendar2017Hi my lovelies,

I’m so excited! My Latex Couture Calendar 2017 has finally arrived and looks so amazing! I’m so happy how great the photos, design and print quality turned out. As every year the the Latex Couture Calendar comes in size DIN A3 and it’s a collectors item limited to only 300 copies. 12 carefully selected exciting, sensual, kinky and artistic photographs will guide you through the entire year 2017. So what are you waiting for? Let’s pimp our walls and enjoy the glossy unique photographs on every single month in 2017.

The Latex Couture Calendar 2017 is available in Susan Wayland Store and just waiting to be shipped to you!

*sweet kisses*

For any previous magazine covers, features, attending events and personal notes please take a look into my bio or on Patreon THX!

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