Since over 15 years I’m working as professional latex glamour model. With the impact of artistic, glamorous and teasing photography I love to show the beauty and extravagance of latex and inspire people all over the world.


Fabulous Lashes

What could be nicer than beautiful curly volumnious eyelashes? Luckily there are many nice little helpers giving us girls a tiny little princess-touch, we love so much!.

First of all, mascara:

The mascara is my faithful companion nearly every day. I’ve been already written about my personal favorites of the popular black brush and there has not been much change over the last time. Natural cosmetics all the way through the one or other luxurious special from time to time.

Secondly, false eyelashes:

False lashes are doubtless the most significant helpers to conjure up dreamful lashes. They are to buy in nearly every drug store, beauty shop or cosmetic corner in malls. The market is full with any number of companies offering false lashes and so the range of possible shapes and colors. And today I would like to introduce you to some of my personal favorites.

I love “Wimpernbänder” like we used to say in German. I don’t know whether strap-lashes is the right term for that. With strap-lashes I mean many many lashes already glued on a small ribbon or strape. You only must fix the strap with the lashes on your eyelid. When I would like to have a dramatically extraordinary lash look, I like to fall back on the huge lash assortment of “Feisty-Cat”. Those lashes are super beautiful , for example on some of them are added few glitter particles allowing your eyes to shine, others are pimped with feathers and if you would like to transform yourself into a unicorn you can use also rainbow lashes.  That’s awesome! 😀 Here are no limits to your imagination and love of experimentation.

For a softer, more natural but yet wonderful lash look I love to use  the strap-lashes by MAC. You know, the quality of MAC stands for itself but sad to say it also shrinks your wallet. So here my little hint: Try to handle your false lashes as carefully as possible, not strain them to much and you can use your lashes for three times at the minimum. For a careful use the right lash glue is very important. Just as many false lashes variations there are just as many  different lash glues are available on the cosmetic market. The difference in quality are very huge here.  Don’t forget we are using glue for the lashes which has a pretty close contact to your eye so the glue should as sensitive as possible. Over all the time where I has been working with false lashes the best of the best is DUO.

Very sensitive, reliable, easy to remove – it’s the non plus ultra for me. The glue is available in two variations. Black/water-soluble and clear-white/waterproof. No matter which of one of them: The glue is great! Only make sure that your skin is oil-free and the glue had been dried off a few seconds on the strape. Et voilà! That’s it, now you can put your lashes wherever you want! 🙂

*jingle – jingle, twinkle – twinkle*

Made-to-measure yes/no

If it is about sexy latex fashion or also thrilling sexy latex costumes, the question appears over and over again whether a made-to-measure piece is better or if a standard size is complete enough so that the skirt, the dress or the catsuit has a perfect fit.

I for my part own both and can say it’s in balance to each other, thus 50% in my wardrobe are a standard size and the other 50% are made-to-measure items. 

However, if you ask me what I would prefer, then I would answer you quite clearly, the made-to-measure item. BUT I have listed once some points which you should consider maybe before you decide to buy a made-to-measure latex costume.

The experience and quality of the latex designers

A garment on measure and then still from latex is a supreme discipline! Clothes from cotton and similar fabrics forgive small blends a little more and thus a deviationism of maybe 2mm does not affect so obviously. However, 2 mms of divergence can turn a chic latex dress very fast into  a totally cut. Latex lies so narrowly on the skin, it sits so exactly, thus every centimeter should sit where it belongs. Hence: A beautiful made-to-measure item stands and falls with the skills of the tailors.

In the midst of all many latex labels there are only a few can fulfill in my opinion the claims I put to a made-to-measure item. Not every designer has a sewing education and owns the necessary knowledge to make good individual patterns. Even so these labels offer made-to-measure item. 

My tip: Informs you before in detail about the designer and his label. How long this already exists what other customers say about the quality. Also here counts the rule: No Heavy-Rubber-Catsuit on measure to order from a designer which always makes only sweet cheeky latex clothes. Or do you purchase cherries in the cheese counter? 😀

Take properly measure

A good made-to-measure item can only succeed if you also take your measures properly. Every designer has here his own form, his own„ approach“, so the dimension sheets of the latex labels are seldom 100% identical. Don’t let yourself confused thereby.:-) 

If you take measure the tapeline should lie close tightly, however, also not too tightly, hold the dimension tape just straight and place it on the right body parts where you would like to take measure. Mostly there is for this also a sketch which helps you. Two by two is mostly the best method and do not cheat with the numbers! 😉 

Additional expenses

A made-to-measure item mostly costs a good surcharge. Not seldom from 100€ upward. Hence, you should consider whether the additional expense factor also calculates itself. For instance, I order almost only catsuits, leggin or pair of pants/jeans on measure. Because I am 1.78 m and to me with the standard dimensions the arms and legs are always too short. If I wear for it a well seated latex, where I can also put on a sexy pair of high heels without having pants at half-mast, I know that was worth to me the money. However, the standard size are complete enough for me with dresses and tops. I think everybody should look and consider consider on it’s own whether his body statue fits in the current mass and where there is divergence. Mostly it behaves not other as if you go shopping quite normally. A round booty stays a round booty, also when you wear latex:-) 

These are the points which I mostly have in the head when I go on my latex shopping tours and do not know whether I should buy the new beloved piece precisely on made-to-measure or not. Maybe I could answer some questions of you as well?!

Model tips

It may sound a little unspectacular, and we all know heard the slogan often enough, but it is true: A beautiful face and a body height of at least 5’9’’ is good but not enough if you want to work successfully in the model industry. Certainly a wonderful look and great body proportions are the natural basic equipment a model should have. However, a model should be also photogenic. Photogenic. What is that all about? I would say it’s a phenomenon nobody can explain itself so properly. Either the camera loves you or not and if it does so then you are a happy bunny and have already quite many bonus points!:-)

And here a few more other tips which I would like to give all girls outdoors on their way, which are interested in modeling. Tips I could collect over many years for myself and maybe they’ll help you too

  • Professionalism

If I am on a photo shoot, I try to be present, concentrated, active and creative, but also having lot of fun and joy during work. 

  • Kindness

Kindness is as important as professionalism. Nobody likes to cooperate with a moody, irritated or iffy model. Have fun, laugh and leave the diva at home. 🙂 

  • Look good

Healthy and well-balanced food, fitness and a good body shape are the basis for every model. Beside all the work try to attempt as much sleep as possible. This is in my opinion essential to look freshly, vital and fit. Also a neat appearance is very important. Have a great and cultivated look fits fine to you as well as cultivated hair, skin and nails. 🙂 

  • Feel good

As a photo model you are be seen by incredibly many people and every singles have its own opinion about you and your work. To hear on criticism is important, however, does not let you by this bend. Do only the jobs are fine and comfortable with, those you can square with your conscience.

  • Positive mind and endurance

To work successfully in the model business, no matter in which niche, you need a long breath and a lot of endurance. As the saying goes: There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs. However, if you want something really bad, you can also accomplish it. Thus work with a good positive mind set and learn how to make tasty juice out of lemons as soon as practicable. 

  • Your own look

Have own look, your own style distinguishes, fits to you and you are happy with. Nobody would like to see a copy but rather an original. 

  • Know your advantages

Every person is nice. Everybody has advantages distinguish him or her. The secret is quite easy: learn to put your advantages in the foreground, point them out consciously, be proud of them, be proud of you and conceal your small flaws in a charming way. By the way, EVERYBODY and EVERYONE has little flaws . 🙂

  • Authentically and natural

Artificial, played or a too much from a self-confidential appearance is “strange” and also unpleasant. From the beginning realize: there is always somebody better than you are and always will be. Thus remain with all your success stay down to earth and do not take yourself too seriously. 

  • Yet, have the courage to be proud of yourself and on your success. The properly mix of naturalness, authenticity and self-confidence makes you the most likeable. 🙂
  • Theatrical talent

A model must be able to slip constantly in the most different roles and this in photo shoots as well as in a video productions. Then theatrical talent is asked and if you have it you have a great plus as a model. 

I hope I could inspire you here and there a little with these betray secrets of mine. Spontaneously I would say these are these points I could collect up during all my work for the Susan Wayland Club in the years.  I hope you’ll find them as useful as I do and I’m looking forward your feedback!

Stop wishing – start doing!

Actually I should do something totally different, there are many preparations which has to be done and between all that a new designer projects are a long overdue. It happens so often that one of our projects can’t be realized because of many many reasons, it waits and waits to come to life. But this “unfulfilled” wish is a tricky one, because the more its being ignored the more offensive it gets. Do you know that phenomenon?

There are many strategies in which way we should handle unfilled wishes and plans, strategies how we break out of our well-tired life routine making room for some new. If we finally had been managed it to turn our intent into action we could and are proud of us. But not far away another challenge already awaits us: To hold on on our intent for more than 2-6 weeks. I guess that’s the biggest obstacle of all. To allow constant and real life changing, to keep up on them and to reach to point where the changing turns into routine, where it belongs to our life beat losing its illuminating stamp “Attention New”.

Myself, I am a mixture of photo model, artist, fitness and healthy diet freak and many many other things. I need both in my life, I need routine as much as variety. But how it’s possible to improve oneself, try something new beside a lot work and our daily routine? It helps me a lot to realize the most important things in my life I don’t want to miss and making me happy. Every single one of us has something special, talents, abilities, ambitions and an inner fire burning for various things. These are all the parts making us to someone unique, someone special. For example, my heart beats for latex, fashion, I love it to model but also I have artistic ambitions like photography, design and DIY, I love nature, animals, I need fun and joy and life to be alive. And also it’s totally important for my to live healthy and staying fit. It’s my inner basis. If you are healthy the whole life shines more colorful and brighter. 

If you are know what’s important for you than try to imagine yourself with all these attributes and hold on on this picture. Okay, now we are getting again a step further into philosophy. Consider and focus all your life decisions whether they are in line with this picture of yours. Try to changing your life with mini steps. To change little things are much more easier because the drastically your changes are the harder will it be to hang on. One things is true, even though we don’t like it to hear, we all, you, me everyone on this planet, we are little creatures of habit. 😉

So, if you wish to be fitter try to start with that kind of sport you are enjoy and continue to expand it in the future. It makes no sense running into the gym four times a week, torture yourself with weights when your heart beats for swimming. You would like to eat healthier? Try it with a little healthy snack at first or label one meal the day in your head with “Your power food” or a green dot or something. To turn your fridge or food likes completely upside down from one day to another is on the contrary pretty hard. Once, If you begin to start  you’ll see you get used to those changing after a few weeks. If so it’s time for another new modifications. This step-by-step manner works well for me, it works for my job, stress during leisure time or for long-lost hobbies. Without being stressed my life is in a nice flow with move and variations. In a nutshell: Integrate little changes into your daily routine! 🙂

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