Actually I should do something totally different, there are many preparations which has to be done and between all that a new designer projects are a long overdue. It happens so often that one of our projects can’t be realized because of many many reasons, it waits and waits to come to life. But this “unfulfilled” wish is a tricky one, because the more its being ignored the more offensive it gets. Do you know that phenomenon?

There are many strategies in which way we should handle unfilled wishes and plans, strategies how we break out of our well-tired life routine making room for some new. If we finally had been managed it to turn our intent into action we could and are proud of us. But not far away another challenge already awaits us: To hold on on our intent for more than 2-6 weeks. I guess that’s the biggest obstacle of all. To allow constant and real life changing, to keep up on them and to reach to point where the changing turns into routine, where it belongs to our life beat losing its illuminating stamp “Attention New”.

Myself, I am a mixture of photo model, artist, fitness and healthy diet freak and many many other things. I need both in my life, I need routine as much as variety. But how it’s possible to improve oneself, try something new beside a lot work and our daily routine? It helps me a lot to realize the most important things in my life I don’t want to miss and making me happy. Every single one of us has something special, talents, abilities, ambitions and an inner fire burning for various things. These are all the parts making us to someone unique, someone special. For example, my heart beats for latex, fashion, I love it to model but also I have artistic ambitions like photography, design and DIY, I love nature, animals, I need fun and joy and life to be alive. And also it’s totally important for my to live healthy and staying fit. It’s my inner basis. If you are healthy the whole life shines more colorful and brighter. 

If you are know what’s important for you than try to imagine yourself with all these attributes and hold on on this picture. Okay, now we are getting again a step further into philosophy. Consider and focus all your life decisions whether they are in line with this picture of yours. Try to changing your life with mini steps. To change little things are much more easier because the drastically your changes are the harder will it be to hang on. One things is true, even though we don’t like it to hear, we all, you, me everyone on this planet, we are little creatures of habit. 😉

So, if you wish to be fitter try to start with that kind of sport you are enjoy and continue to expand it in the future. It makes no sense running into the gym four times a week, torture yourself with weights when your heart beats for swimming. You would like to eat healthier? Try it with a little healthy snack at first or label one meal the day in your head with “Your power food” or a green dot or something. To turn your fridge or food likes completely upside down from one day to another is on the contrary pretty hard. Once, If you begin to start  you’ll see you get used to those changing after a few weeks. If so it’s time for another new modifications. This step-by-step manner works well for me, it works for my job, stress during leisure time or for long-lost hobbies. Without being stressed my life is in a nice flow with move and variations. In a nutshell: Integrate little changes into your daily routine! 🙂