In September 2018 my former Instagram was taken down without any prior warning. About 8 weeks ago my 2nd account good deleted as well. Unfortunately both issues couldn’t be solved, so I was kind of ‘forced’ to start completely new from the scratch. If you run an own niche business you can imagine that this is not fun at all loosing something you put many energy, passion, time and heart blood in it and that over YEARS! Thanks to a handful of people supported me in that case. You rock guys, love you!

My new Instagram account is online since a few weeks. We will see how the journey will be – anyhow I don’t espect too much because too many people in the scene are getting shut down in the social network nowadays. On the other hand typical ‘random’ influencer are getting verified and going viral with posts you have no clue why at all. Anyhow here is the link to the Sways Instagram Version 2.0.