Since over 15 years I’m working as professional latex glamour model. With the impact of artistic, glamorous and teasing photography I love to show the beauty and extravagance of latex and inspire people all over the world.




My name is Susan Wayland or simply Sway. I was born on June 23rd, 1980, in Leipzig, Germany, and I also grew up in this beautiful city. As a teenager I got some experience with modeling or similar forms of it. In my school years, I loved drama, playing different characters, fulfilling the role. I was a part in different theater projects like “Romeo and Juliet” or “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Shakespeare. In those parts, I lived my first passion for the stage and for acting and enjoyed playing different personalities, additionally there were my aesthetically interest in the material latex.
Beside various model jobs I began to collegiate study, concentrating in History and the German language and literature studies. I moved to the city Brunswick, where I still live today. Parallel to the study I put many time in my model career and had the opportunity to collaborate with talented photographer and designer of the latex scene and beyond. Since my successful graduation at the university in the year 2007 I working as model for latex couture, glamour and fashion. In 2009 I started creating latex fashion designs and since 2014 I’m the editor and designer of the latex couture e-magazine “Finest-Addiction”.

“Susan Wayland is an internationally acclaimed model with a creative output that is primarily associated with latex fashion design. Her extravagant attire and her original style are her trademark and signify an inimitable incarnation of the modern womanliness. She has been featured on many magazine covers, has presented creations by top latex designers on international runways and also has an impressive portfolio that includes music videos as well as short films. Her impeccable eye for style and design allowed her to expand her activities beyond modeling. Her own latex creations, her individually created looks for photo projects, but also her craftiness as hair stylist and make-up artist elevate this brilliant lady above the mainstream. Her signature designs are an intricate part of the creative work she is connected with and cause a never before seen claim towards perfection and creative artistry personified in an exceptionally beautiful woman.” Dr. Paul Sernine


susan-wayland-coverCertainly there are many different publications in which I’ve appeared as a model, which makes me very proud. Since the year 2004, I’ve worked together with the world’s most important fetish magazine for latex design, Marquis. Their collections are always beautiful and publisher Peter W. Czernich was one of the first who supported me at the beginning of my career and who persuaded me of my talent as a professional model.

In the year 2005, I cooperated with the talented French designer Patrice Catanzaro whose designs are very unique, sexy, and elegant, too.

Isusanwaylandbookn 2006, I was modeling for Fetish-Universe and their design line No-Respect. And since 2006, I’ve been proud to be the face of Latexa Fashion, a leading latex producer worldwide. Another fantastic opportunity for me was shooting a music video for the band Smatka Molot for their song “Wrong Love”. The theatrical director Gero von Braunmühl chose me to work with him on different parts of the video featuring sexy latex. All our energy and hard work earned respected as it received the 2006 Hollywood Discovery Award for the best music video, and the 2007 New York Independent Film Festival award for best international music video.
playboyIn addition to these projects, I’ve experienced as a model those personal little cherries on the top of the modeling business – being on the cover of a magazine. Some of these covers have made me very proud. In 2004, I was on the cover of Skin Two Magazine, one of the world’s major fetish magazines. Later in 2006, I got to be on the cover of the biggest latex fetish magazine of all, Marquis Magazine. In the year 2007, there followed some more covers such as the front of David Jackson’s DDI international magazine, the cover of Massad, and others.

And than the year 2009 happened – a glorious fantastic year with many successful milestones in my model career. For the first time my latex model work was published in Playboy Magazine, followed by the cover of Forum Magazine, another cover of DDI and Marquis Magazine, catalogue title of Arrogance by TMC and as climax in the year 2009 finally the illustrated book ‘Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour’ published by Horgenbooks, which was presented on the worldwide popular and biggest book fairs in Leipzig/Germany.

susan-wayland-calendarIn the year 2010 my latex model work was featured in the online edition of Maxim followed by another cover of DarkSpy. Additionally to all the covers there is being published since 2011 annual the ‘Susan Wayland Latex Fashion Calendar’. A collector’s item, limited to 300 pieces which has already reached a cult status in the scene even the editorial offices of Marquis and DarkSpy can not resist to offer them in their assortment.

Since the year 2012 my work is being regular published in various topical news portal and meanwhile Sway’s latex pictures are belonging to an exquiste entertainment in the mainstream.Since 2014 I working also as the publisher of the new latex couture e-zine ‘Finest-Addiction’ which is focused on the artistic and fashion side of latex (…)

by creating a couture magazine, my goal is to give all the latex admirers and aficionados a look through ‘women’s glasses’. There are a lot of talented female latex designers out there bringing a wonderful female touch into our latex world, so why not also a woman behind a magazine?.(…)

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